Step Up | Create your Masterpiece

Take your life to another dimension

Are you looking to take your life to another dimension?

Are you searching for more spaciousness or meaning?

Do you have a greater purpose within you waiting to express itself?

If so, you may want to join us in Morocco for our first #Masterpiece | Men's retreat.

Humankind is going through its biggest upgrade in at least the last 5,000 years.

The age of male dominance is coming to an end.

A new age of communion is emerging.

Communion between masculine and feminine.

Between yin and yang.

Between light and dark.

For us men, this means our role is changing.

From physical, mental or financial dominance to integrating the feminine aspects of ourselves.

From embodying male dominance or rejecting it, to becoming a real man.

The formula of success has changed.

Even the definition of success is different.

Does this mean we all need to become more effeminate?

No. Not at all.

It means embracing all aspects of ourselves.

Both the feminine that creates and the masculine that holds space for that creation.

For the female form to reach a state of physical ecstasy, the masculine holds the feminine.

To create a painting on a canvas, the easel holds the canvas.

The role of the divine masculine in all of us is to hold the divine feminine in all of us.

The role of the divine feminine in all of us is to create the future.

So, all of us get to play.

Beyond money, beyond conflict, beyond the mind.


Simpler. Easy. More spacious.

Are you ready to integrate both aspects of yourself?

As a real man.

As a man who experiences the most intimate, loving, sexy relationships and creates a future for all of us.

That takes his life to another dimension.

And guides others to do the same.

If so, apply to join us on a journey of many lifetimes.

Together, we will create a sustainable world.

The Journey

14-17 May: #Masterpiece | Men: Stepping Up

Mendip Hills | UK: perform at a higher level by integrating both the masculine and the feminine.

We start with lunch on Sunday 14 May and we finish on Wednesday 17 May with lunch.

Are you ready to join us on this journey of a lifetime?

See the Full Journey

Discover where we're going..

Find your unique Pathway

Get a sense of what happened in our offline retreats in Switzerland last year and Greece in 2021.

Step Up

Take your life to the next level.

Discover Your Pathway

Discover your unique Pathway of Prosperity.

See the Bigger Picture

Get really clear on what you are being called to create next.

Create more Intimacy

Radically improve your relationships with your loved ones.

Use your Mind

Go beyond the mind so you can use the mind as a tool to manifest.

Upgrade Yourself

Upgrade your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Feel at Home

Support and be supported by a tribe that feels like home at last.

Who should join us?

This journey isn’t for everyone - we will challenge you to become who you are. Between us, we have created Masterpieces that have influenced billions of people. Only consider joining us if you are committed to stepping out of your comfort zone and want to see real change in your world.

"If you're thinking of taking #Masterpiece... and you're not feeling fearful of it, you're in the wrong place..."

Peter Koenig

The Money Guru, Source and Principal at Peter Koenig Enterprises

Your coaches

Sarah Jones


Climate artist, bestselling author, founder of Masterpiece Movement. Alexander will help you articulate your Purpose, define your Mission, reveal your Masterpiece and hold the space for you to become who you are.

Jane Bless


Professor of modernity, Swiss surgeon of discernment. Jean-Philippe will help us to put the last 5,000 years into the context of the history of humankind. His unique ability is to distinguish with precision what stops true power from flowing through us so we become the author of our lives.

Melinda Moore


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Discover what participants say

"I am happy in what I am doing... but always felt there was something more... I was basically preparing myself for another dimension... a leap of faith'

Yves Aubert

Professional Board Member

"If you're not sure where you're going to be in 10 years... then you should be on this program."

Stuart Mackintosh

CEO, OpusVL, Founder of Open UK

"I have so much trust in you... I now want to go on my journey, the next chapter in my life."

Ruth Züblin

Board member, board advisor, corporate communications leader  
CEO of Ruth Züblin Associates

"If you want to live a life of greatness... this is the type of work you need to do... get some magic in your life."

Scott Picken

Chairman, Global Wealth Group—after Module 3 | Self-love

What does the journey cost?

You may be wondering what the price is to join us on this retreat... 

We only accept men who are ready to invest both emotionally and financially... emotionally to do the deep inner work, and financially, to create a new ecosystem.

So, what is the cost? Well, it's easier to explain the value. Based on the experience of previous participants, we know the value of a single module is in excess of $10,000.-

For some, this is a drop in the ocean and for others this may be way beyond them.

So, the cost for you depends on many factors: how many modules you join; where you are on your journey and what is a meaningful amount for you. 

You may also be considering combining this Pathway with other Pathways, such as #Masterpiece | Tribes or #Masterpiece | Men to create your own unique Pathway.

All of these factors will vary from person to person. Therefore, the price will too.

If this approach resonates, let's talk.

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