The #Masterpiece Pathway

Is there a Masterpiece inside you?

Are you a changemaker, a misfit, a pioneer, a visionary who doesn't fit into the current system?

Are you helping to create the new system?

Would you like to get more money flowing?

Or love, or health, or creativity?

Over the last few years, we have helped hundreds of individuals to do just this.

Participants are now influencing the largest funds in the world.

Others have written bestselling books and created successful programs.

While others have transformed their relationships.

Whatever you need to go with the flow, this is a place to explore it.


True prosperity is the flow of creativity, money, intimacy and vitality.

We explore this concept through 6 themes:

Elevating your frequency: taking quantum leaps in time.

Unleashing your creativity: creating in harmony with Mother Nature.

Getting money flowing: revealing the secrets of debt and true prosperity.

Feeling more vitality: living beyond life and death.

Revealing your destiny: revealing your Masterpiece and Mission.

6 modules designed to help you elevate your frequency...

creating your Masterpiece in harmony with Mother Nature.

Elevating our frequency is the key ingredient in creating our Masterpiece.

It liberates our creativity and gets money, love, creativity and our health flowing again.

Your Masterpiece could be a book, a relationship, a community, a new program or company...

Whatever it is, it's how you best serve the whole.

Now, is the time for each of us to do this.

It's what we were born to do.

Join us and start or continue creating your Masterpiece today.

What is a Masterpiece?

A Masterpiece is the greatest contribution you can make to yourself, your family and society. it is inspired by love, created with love to share more love. And it is the antidote to your greatest karmic wound. It is both the journey and the outcome… a portal towards permanently opening your heart and creating a new ecosystem in harmony with Mother Nature that can sustain humankind for generations to come.

Creating in harmony with Mother Nature

The Pathway of Prosperity is a journey towards permanently opening your heart and creating your Masterpiece in harmony with Mother Nature. 

Unleashing creativity

Discovering what we love

Elevating our frequency

Finding time to do what we love

Creating intimacy

Healing all our relationships

Getting money flowing

Giving and receiving with love

Feeling more vitality

Living beyond life and death

Discovering our Destiny

Revealing our Masterpiece

Self-paced program

Learning at your pace

Lifetime access to 6x modules 
6x video introductions, one for each theme
6x meditations, one for each theme
6x interviews with individuals who have opened their heart
First and only cohort recorded live over 2 days
Community to ask questions

6 Modules | 6 Themes

Each module contains videos, meditations, exercises and interviews with remarkable pioneers who have permanently opened their heart and are creating their Masterpiece. Each exercise will help you turn whatever pressure you are feeling into light:


Taking quantum leaps in time, focusing our attention on what we love and eliminating what we don't.


Learning how we can embrace our true authority and unlock the power of the Divine Mind.


Seeing our most intimate relationships as sacred mirrors and using them to elevate ourselves.


Becoming more conscious about how we avoid money or become unhealthily attached to it.


Appreciating how the aches and pains in our bodies are the symptoms that give us clues to what we need to heal.


Surrendering deeply to Mother Nature and hearing what we are here to create in this lifetime.

Interviews with heart openers

We will share interviews with some of the most compassionate visionaries about the moment their heart opened permanently.

Peter Koenig

Peter is the money master. He has spent over 40 years exploring how to get money flowing with love.

Claudia Anghel

Angel in name and nature, Claudia is a Gene Keys Ambassador and a graceful energy healer.

Karen Kennaby

Karen is the founder of Ellev8, a coach and an embodiment of pure, divine love.

Jean-Philippe Challandes

Jean-Philippe has studied our relationship to Power and Potency for over 40 years.

And there's more...

We want everyone to get the breakthroughs that the first 200 who have joined #Masterpiece so far have had.

So, the cost at launch will be $199.- for lifetime access.

This is how we can best serve the whole.

Feel the buzz live

Join the live recording

We will record the main lessons live over 2 days on 2-3 October 2023. You are welcome to join us. Joining us live means you can interact, ask questions and feel the buzz of us being live.

Download the App

From then on, everything will be available via The Masterpiece Community app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play. You can also access it online via your web browser.

Join the Community

We will also invite you to join the Facebook community where you can ask questions to the community and get them answered.

Who should join us?

This journey is for everyone who feels called to give birth to a new world.

A world where bliss and love replace pain and suffering.

It is for the catalysts, changemakers, innovators, misfits, rebels and mavericks.

Anyone who feels they don't quite fit into the current system and knows deep down there is an elegant solution to the world's greatest challenges.

It is for those of us who yearn for true community where we can be who we were born to be.

It is for those of us who doubt we will ever get money flowing again or who have strained their most important relationships and yet keep going.

Does this sound like you?

If so, join us.

Who will you hear from?

Alexander Inchbald

The visionary behind the #Masterpiece Movement and an extraordinary artist, will guide us through the Pathway of Prosperity—a comprehensive model that embraces all aspects of life: global, business, relationships, and personal mastery. 

Claudia Anghel

An angel in both name and nature, a trusted confidant of Richard Rudd, and an Ambassador for the Gene Keys, will illuminate the profound wisdom of this transformative transmission, and how it relates to The Pathway of Prosperity.

Peter Koenig

The wise and mischievous Source of Moneywork and Sourcework, invites us to use his groundbreaking Reclamation tool to permanently transform our relationship with money and other shadows.

Jean-Philippe Challandes

The Swiss Surgeon of Consciousness invites us to liberate ourselves from traditional power structures and unleash our full potency, becoming an authority in our field.

Karen Kennaby

Founder of Ellev8

Your unwavering host throughout this exquisite journey. Karen will be by your side, believing in you, supporting you, and helping you reveal and radiate your light.

Discover what participants say

"I loved the idea of really diving into this community. The way Alexander described the community as being family, or home, gave me a warm feeling right away, although I'm always afraid about attending groups"

Mark Gonzalez

"I was putting myself under a lot of pressure to figure out how to answer the question of what should I do with my life. It's just relief. It feels like huge relief. And I finally feel like I'm doing what I need to be doing right now.

Donald White

"I am happy in what I am doing... but always felt there was something more... I was basically preparing myself for another dimension... a leap of faith'

Yves Aubert

Professional Board Member

"If you're not sure where you're going to be in 10 years... then you should be on this program."

Stuart Mackintosh

CEO, OpusVL, Founder of Open UK

"I have so much trust in you... I now want to go on my journey, the next chapter in my life."

Ruth Züblin

Board member, board advisor, corporate communications leader  
CEO of Ruth Züblin Associates

Introductory Offer $199.-

We are on a mission to help all of us to elevate our frequency, creating our Masterpiece in harmony with Mother Nature.

 Implementing the suggestions in this program can lead to quantum leaps in your life. This is exactly what has happened to other participants.

So, as an introductory offer, you can purchase lifetime access for $199.-

Helping the Changemakers misfits, crazy ones, artists with wild ideas to become Rainmakers by creating their Masterpiece.


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